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Qnatal for a child devoid of genetic fetal abnormalities

Greater accuracy across a wider range of detection

With cell-free DNA technology, noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS) can provide healthcare providers and their patients a safe way to detect chromosomal abnormalities in high-risk pregnancies. Most NIPS tests are limited in which aneuploidies they can detect, the types of pregnancies that can be analyzed and the reliability of data. WithNatal Advanced, you can expect more and know more from the results.


  • Appropriate for all high-risk pregnancies, including multiple gestations and IVF using donor egg.

  • Analyzes more chromosomal regions than most other NIPS to date.

  • Reports both common and rare fetal chromosomal abnormalities, from trisomies 21,18, and 13 to fetal sex aneuploidies and select copy number variants.


  • Provides clear, direct results with high sensitivity and specificity.

  • Low non-reportable rates.

QNatal Advanced uses validated technology

  • MPSS technology* with GC correction has been validated in the largest-of-its-kind clinical study of 4,664 women with high-risk pregnancies . Validation study designed, analyzed and confirmed by independent investigators.

  • MPSS: Massively Parallel Shotgun Sequencing


Test can be performed as early as 10 week gestation .

Positive Results



210 of 212 trisomy 21



59 of 59 trisomy 18



11 of 12 trisomy 13

91.7 %


8 of 8 multiple gestations:

7 of trisomy 21

1 of trisomy 13


>99.9% detection rate

Y chromosome

99.4% accuracy

25 of 26 combined sex aneuploidies




The validation characteristics of the QNatal Advanced assay are consistent with the data presented above for MPSS with GC correction.

Innovation translating to deeper insights

With its ability to analyze more chromosomal regions than most other NIPS to date, ()Natal Advanced can detect the following chromosomal abnormalities.

How QNatal Advanced works

QNatal Advanced examines cell-free fetal DNA in maternal circulation using Massively Parallel Shotgun Sequencing technology.

Enhanced Sequencing Series also available: provides excellent analytical performance across a wide dynamic range (3 Mb to 40 Mb) for detection of microdeletions/d uplications.

Clear results with low non-reportable rates

Results are reported as positive or negative. Other laboratories report risk scores or "suspected" results thatiare not always clear. QNatal Advanced has very low non-reportable rates, so you and your patients can count on test accuracy and avoid retesting or an unnecessary invasive procedure.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AGOG) recommends the use of noninvasive prenatal tests in women at increased risk of aneuploidy or as a follow-up test for women with a positive first- or second-trimester maternal serum screening result.

  • How do I order QNatal Advanced ?
  • Test Code is 1706
  • TAT : 14 days from the shipping date.


Specimen requirements:

  • 20 mL (minimum 16 mL) whole blood collected in two Streck tubes (glass tubes with black and tan stopper)
  • Store specimens at room temperature; don't refrigerate or freeze.